As it turns out, it's very easy change the camera control keys in Sid Meier's Civilization VI. Here is a very simple guide to set WASD keys as camera controllers in Civilization 6.

By default, camera in Civilization 6 is controlled by either pointing the mouse to the screen's borders or by the arrow keys. This is not entirely convenient and unusual for some users. The problem is that you cannot reassign these buttons in the game settings. So, how can you assign more suitable keys for scrolling the camera (for example familiar to everyone WASD)?

One of the most popular RTS — Starcraft II, goes to the free-to-play model. From now on, anyone can try their hand at online battles for one of the three races — protoss, terran or zerg.

Starting November 14 2017, you will be able to take part in the first campaign (Wings of Liberty) in a single StarCraft II game and, with very little effort, get access to the network battles of one of the most popular real time strategies for free.

How to increase or decrease the brightness in The Witcher 3? How to use a system gamma settings? Here is a small guide will help you deal with these issues.

The Witcher 3 game may have brightness problems when running on some systems. In the dungeons it can be too dark, or vice versa — the brightness in some locations can be very high. There are a few simple ways to fix this issue.